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Techno Wave 100

EGW acting on behalf of an offshore Life Science and R&D fund lead this acquisition as their first seed asset.

This fund together with EGW will conduct repositioning and value enhancement to change various areas into high spec R&D space.

As part of our commitment to ESG and sustainability, we will be following guidelines to be CASBEE certified.

We will also apply for LEED certification once value enhancement is complete.

We're committed to following Net Zero GHG emissions by 2050 or sooner.

EBISUBASHI Building, Osaka

EGW is undertaking a variety of ESG measures for this asset.

This owner places high value on sustainability and is also a large global real estate investor. ESG measures include securing a score A CASBEE certificate, LED low energy signage installed for the large-scale billboards with no more use of fluorescent lighting.

We place all tenants on new green leases making sustainability measures within the terms.

A renewable energy eco plan gives electricity supply now produced by green energy.

ESG analysis is ongoing and EGW will achieve various goals for this asset setting a new example for this type of retail building.



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